After the fall of the Kobold King, and the affairs of Falcon’s Hollow were thought to be set-to-right, evil once again returns to the Vale.
A curtain of magic mist springs up from the River Foam north to the Five King Peaks, cutting off any attempts to scry within its confines.
The usual shipments of lumber and goods from Falcon’s Hollow and Oreden, by way of the town of Oldfen, have not been seen in weeks. The Lumber Consortium has sent a few trackers into the mist to try to figure out what is going on, but no one has returned. Coffers empty, trade grows to a standstill, and the populace grows frustrated.
Gilmore Amring, Mayor of Oldfen, grows increasingly impatient. Without the coffers full, repairs and improvements cannot continue. The effects of the last raid by a band of were-wolves has yet to be set right. Fangwatch continues to dwindle in terms of manpower, and the Knights at Adamas have their own priorities.
In a land where the fey are tired of being complacent at mortal intrusion, and lycanthrope is synonymous with sleepless nights, people cry out for heroes to return.
Will you be that hero?

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